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Lila  Barnhart  Senior Department Assistant  425.348.3591  Fire   
Willie  Berns  Building Official  425.355.4141, Ext. 250  Community Development   
Christina  Boughman  City Clerk  425.355.4141, Ext. 235  City Clerk   
S.  Duke  Community Services Officer  425.353.8222  Police   
Shirley  Engdahl  Executive Assistant/Admin & HR  425.355.4141, Ext. 234  Executive   
Shawna  Gossett  Permit Services Supervisor  425.355.4141, Ext. 251  Community Development   
Anna  Heinrichs  Accounting Technician - Business Licensing  425.355.4141, Ext. 253  Finance   
Scott  James  Finance Director  425.355.4141, Ext. 232  Finance   
Dave  Kingery  Administrative Assistant  425.353.8222  Police   
Ed  Krikawa  Interim Assistant Fire Chief  425.348.3591  Fire   
Marc  Larson  Public Works Superintendent  425.267.0828  Public Works   
Wanda  Locke  Accounting Technician - Payroll  425.355.4141, Ext. 233  Finance   
Patricia  Love  Assistant Director of Community Development  425.355.4141, Ext. 229  Community Development   
Charles  Macklin  Police Commander  425.353.8222  Police   
Anita  Marrero  Assistant Planner  425.355.4141, Ext. 249  Community Development   
Krystn  McArthur  Management Analyst  425.355.4141, Ext. 247  Executive   
Heather  McCartney  Community Development Director  425.355.4141, Ext. 226  Community Development   
Mike  Murphy  Police Chief  425.353.8222  Police   
Jim  Niggemyer  Assistant City Engineer  425.355.4141, Ext. 227  Public Works   
Debbie  Nilsen  Accounting Technician - Accounts Payable  425.355.4141, Ext. 230  Finance   
Mike  Palitz  Technology Analyst  425.355.4141, Ext. 252  Finance   
L.  Reimers  Office Supervisor  425.353.8222  Police   
Linda  Ritter  Associate Planner  425.355.4141, Ext. 245  Community Development   
Mike  Springer  Fire Chief  425.348.3591  Fire   
Jamie  Theuer  Assistant Planner  425.355.4141, Ext. 300  Community Development   
Lee  Walton  Interim City Administrator  425.355.4141, Ext. 234  Executive   
Larry  Waters  Public Works Director  425.355.4141, Ext. 225  Public Works   

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